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This happy practitioner is using the original EyeSpy 1.3 with just 0.3Mp, since then we have been able to make great improvements and after thoroughly testing we have the best EyeSpy yet: The Pebble 8+2.


A great "entry level camera". There are 8 LED lights that illuminate the iris and sclera. The pictures achieved are remarkable for this 2MP (5Mp interpolated) camera. To take pictures of very dark brown eyes you can turn on the two extra side lights, in the front of the unit.

The Pebble 8+2 has a snapshot button on the housing of the camera as well as the light intensity control.

The rotating eyecup blocks out all false (ambient) light that would normally spoil the image.

Pictures are automatically saved and ready for use in iridology reporting software or for printing.

The Pebble will look very professional with its matte black soft touch finish and chrome display stand.
No external power is required, just one USB port.

The price is very low, so now anyone, student and professional therapist alike can afford a iriscope-sclerascope iridology camera that will show an image to the patient and can have you print photographs from your computer and printer the normal way .

                           ₤ 469   excl. VAT, Customs charges and postage

Lifetime guarantee included   To double check the price see www.iridology.nl and use the currency converter to convert to AUD.

Special offer: Free EyeRis report writing software.


Download Pebble 8+2 Brochure    Order from website www.iridology.nl please

Due to exchange rate fluctuations the price may change without notice !

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