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200 years ago Thomas Jefferson – the third President of the USA and author of the Declaration of Independence – must have seen the future writing on the wall when he said “if people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny”.  Well, we would have to say that we have reached such a time. 

Unfortunately most of the control is about creating benefits for trans-national corporations - often at the expense of consumer health. The irony is that it is the notion of consumer safety that is sold to the public, whilst their freedom of choice, one of our most fundamental rights, is taken from us. 

Codex Alimentarius, means 'food code' and whilst the name hardly rolls off the tongue, we all need to get very familiar with it if we care about our ability, and that of future generations, to manage our health through the use of high quality food and concentrated nutrients derived from nature.  Codex is the mechanism for implementing the control that is effectively giving power to governments, worldwide, to control what we put in our bodies.  They do this in cahoots with some of the biggest and most powerful corporations the world has yet seen.

Thomas Jefferson's words have become a reality and the liberty and freedom he stood for, a distant, but favoured, memory.

 Full details on  lectures and workshops can be found at The Alternative View website. 

Codex Alimentarius is not a phrase you are likely to hear or read in the mainstream media. The phase simply means ‘Food Code’ or ‘Food Law’, yet the 27 committees of the International Codex Alimentarius Commission are advancing global legislation which will effectively eradicate Organic Farming, in favour of irradiated GM products; and will destroy the Complementary & Alternative Health Community by making it illegal to prescribe, or even recommend, nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbs or other natural health remedies.

This pernicious attack on our Health Freedoms is being driven by the corporatocracy of Big Farmer & Big Pharma … yet few people are aware of the Codex steam train coming down the tracks at an alarming rate!

For more information, please call Ian R. Crane T: 01626 355 857 M: 0779 151 8740

For updates please visit:    www.thealternativeview.co.uk 

EyeRonec is a supporter of Health Freedom and has sponsored this organisation.


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